This keyword phrase is searched for quite a lot on the site, so I thought I would think up 21 things to do. Here is what I came up with, so if you ever ask yourself 'What can I do for my 21st birthday?' read on:

  1. Throw a party
  2. Go to a nightclub
  3. Get driven around in a stretch limousine
  4. Have a champagne flight on the London Eye
  5. Go for a meal with your family or friends
  6. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  7. Go paintballing with your friends
  8. Speak to your parents about the day you were born
  9. Find out what song was number one in the charts
  10. Go shopping
  11. Buy a newspaper from your date of birth
  12. Have a massage or spa day
  13. Have a makeover/photoshoot day
  14. Go to a swanky casino
  15. Go to London's west end to see a musical
  16. Race around the track in a Ferrari or Aston Martin
  17. Travel to a theme park you have never been to
  18. Go ape!
  19. Go on a champagne or wine tasting day
  20. Go to the cinema
  21. Go bowling