Top 10 Fancy Dress Themes

Below are the top 10 fancy dress theme ideas according to

Position 10 - The 'P' party*

This theme is great as it gives people scope to apply creativity, while condoning plagiaristic laziness. Say 'Arrgg matey' and say hello to join the plethora of Pirates, Prostitutes and Pikies. Thankfully you'll be in the semi-safe hands of the reasonably pissed up paramedics and police. * This idea is transferable to any letter of the alphabet - or why not try asking guests to come as something beginning with the first letter of their name!

Position 9 - Superheroes

Whether it was Superman or He-man, Catwoman or even Supergran, we all had our favourite superheroes as a child - well now's your chance to finally be just like them!! The standard lycra & pants element is bound to turn heads (although not always for the right reasons!!) or why not be a bit different and go as the hero's alter ego?

Position 8 - Tarts & Vicars

The classic fancy dress theme - your chance to be seen in public wearing your shortest skirt and highest heels - teemed with the obligatory fishnets and that's only the guys! For the more reserved amongst us the vicar costume is an easy alternative.

Position 7 - Charity shop night

Have fun and get some good karma whilst you do it! Set a price limit and your guests have to buy their whole outfit (shoes and accessories included) from your local charity shop. The results are always hilarious and no two outfits are ever the same - just keep an eye on the number of guys dressed as women - they love it!!!

Position 6 - Uniforms

Every girl loves a man in uniform!! And I'm sure the other way round is no exception!! From sailors and firemen to nurses and air hostesses this is a great theme for stag and hen nights and is bound to get you lots of attention. Just be careful not to lose the keys to those handcuffs!!

Position 5 - What you want to be when you grow up

Not only is this a great theme with loads of options but you also get to find out what your friends aspired to be when they were kids. There's always a few policemen and nurses - however you bound to see some slightly more unusually career goals like your lawyer friend who actually wanted to be a zoo keeper or your posh sister in law who secretly yearned to be a bin man!!

Position 4 - Films Stars

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a Hollywood Starlet? Think you'd make a good 007 or Lara Croft? Or do you see yourself as more of a Fred Flintstone? The options for this theme are endless and with more films arriving at your local multiplex each week there's no excuse not to come up with a great costume!

Position 3 - Cowboys and Indians

Another classic theme and so easy to do - throw together some denim and a checked shirt - and I bet you ladies have at least one pair of cowboy boots in the cupboard somewhere! Plus you get a chance to play fight with the obligatory toy weapons!

Position 2 - Heaven and Hell

Are you a dirty devil or an innocent angel - or why not combine the two and come as a naughty nun? Whatever you choose this is a great theme - even dressed as an angelic being I'm sure you'll get some cheeky devil's heart racing!

Position 1 - Goodies and Baddies

Whether you go for a famous duo like Austin Powers and Dr Evil or a classic coupling like cops and robbers this is a theme with loads of scope for imagination and a great idea for couples.