Turning 21 is a big deal. This landmark birthday finally sees you get all the benefits of adulthood so it is nice to mark the occasion with a special party for family and friends.


There are all kinds of themes you could choose for a 21st birthday party. Some are general and some can be tailored to suit the person who is turning 21. Let`s take a look at some popular 21st birthday party themes.

Popular birthday party themes

  • The 21st theme: here the theme of the party specifically marks the 21st birthday. So, you could for example, decorate the party with 21st balloons, table cloths, decorations, flags and bunting. You could make this even more special by colour co-ordinating all of your decorations or by personalising them to show the name of the birthday girl or boy.
  • The Fancy Dress theme: fancy dress is a fun way to make a party go with a bang and a lot of young people will really enjoy dressing up. You can keep things general here and just invite guests to dress up as they like or you could put a theme in place instead. So, for example, you could have a school days, molls and gangsters, film star, pop star or 1920s theme, for example.
  • The Black Tie theme: if you prefer you could make the 21st party a really special occasion by making things a little more formal by asking all guests to wear evening wear such as black tie for the men and evening dresses for the women.
  • The Personal theme: it`s always a nice touch to theme the party in such a way that really appeals to the person who is turning 21. So, for example, if the birthday boy or girl really like a specific TV show then you could ask all the guests to turn up as characters from the show and you could decorate the room or hall with suitable decorations.

Co-ordinating the party

Birthdays parties will be so much more memorable if you take a little extra time to make sure that the decoration, food, music and entertainment are all co-ordinated. So, for example, if you were to have a 1950s theme here you could decorate the room or the hall that you use for the party in a 1950s style and you could hire a band that can dress up in the right styles and play the right kind of music.


Given that the 21st birthday is such a special event it is always nice to make sure that the gift you give is one that can be treasured. This doesn`t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on 21st birthday gifts but it is important to choose well here. Popular 21st gifts include jewellery, glassware, photo frames and albums and commemorative items that mark the person`s actual birth date.