21st Birthday Ideas

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21 balloons each with a £10 note inside
Give them a Money Bouquet
Name a star after them
Write 21 reasons you love them in a card
Pandora bracelet
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Party Ideas

Have a this is your life so far party
Host a Masquerade party
Go on a murder mystery night
Have a casino themed night
Hire a stripper
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Things To Do

Do a once in a life time thing (something you'll never forget) think big and go wild!
Get a tattoo
Go to a rooftop bar somewhere (Sushi Samba, Radio Rooftop Bar, Queen of Hoxton etc.)
Meet and Greet with a celebrity
Get twisted at Fabric, London
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Places To Holiday

Go to Iceland and sit in the Blue Lagoon whilst watching the Northern Lights
Go to Prague
Drive almost 2500 miles across USA's famous Route 66
Go to Rome and see the history
Go to Dubai and enjoy what the city has to offer
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