Party Ideas

Have a this is your life so far party
Host a Masquerade party
Go on a murder mystery night
Have a casino themed night
Hire a stripper
Make some vodka jelly or Skittles vodka
Have a neon themed party
A formal dinner party and dance
Play adult pass the parcel - Put rude/joke gifts inside
Visit a theme park such as Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park or Drayton Manor
Organise a treasure hunt around London
Go to or host a roller skating disco
Put up a 60's themed party
Drink absinthe - the most alcoholic spirit you can buy. Guaranteed to knock you senseless!
Hire an ice cream van to attend the party venue
Eat a lot of cake... Maybe even play cake eating challenges but preferably not combined with drinking games!
Have an arabian themed party!
Go indoor skydiving
Hire the exclusive use of an ice rink for your party venue
Have a house party
Have a big birthday party for family and friends
Blow up 21st birthday balloons and put different tasks in each one
Rent out a club for the night
Have a quiet night in with the other half
Rent a bouncy castle and/or some sumo suits
Get a polaroid or disposable camera for everyone to snap photos with.
Have dinner with Family and Friends in a restaurant.
Have a quiet gathering to celebrate
Have a Burlesque fancy dress party!
Do a childish party e.g party rings jelly and ice cream to remind them of their childhood
Write a list of 21 things to do over a few days for your 21st birthday
Organise a picnic in a special or relaxing environment with close family and/or friends
Have a garden party
Get a barbecue going if the weathers nice!
Get 21st birthday decorations, balloons, tablewear....just 21st birthday everything!
Go to a strip club
Have a Shisha pipe party
Go clubbing at your local night club or in the city
Throw a party where everybody is wearing black and the birthday person is wearing colour
Have an adult game of pass the parcel - wrap up something novelty and hilarious
Use twinkle lights to decorate meal area
Have a theme night such as Hollywood, Disney or School Uniforms!
Have a few large tubs of retro pic 'n' mix for people to nibble at
Have a cocktail party
Have a disco or a live band
Go to a concert with your mates
Have a bonfire with your friends if the weather is right!
Rent a Party Canal Boat
Hire a limo to take you and your friends to your destination
Have a karaoke party
Have a party on a boat.
Have a UV paint party
Hold a fancy dress party for your birthday party and take lots of photos!
Arrange with the local newspapers to have the last 21 years, DOB, of publications printed off
Have a beach party with a bbq, music and maybe some cheeky volleyball
Go camping! Grab as many mates as you can and hit the country hard!
Have a prom party with a posh dinner and dance
Have a Toga party!
Have a specific themed party and give everyone a character to dress as on their invitation
Get a team together and go to your nearest Laser Tag venue
Put up photographs of the person whos birthday it is around the room
Paint an old throne looking chair in gold and get everyone to take photos in it at the party
Rent a beach house with friends
Get drunk with your friends and not remember anything in the morning
Have a vodka luge made in the shape of '21' to serve your guests ice cold alcohol
Have a Luau (Hawaiian themed) party
Go shopping for the day with your close girlfriends!
Play adult spin the bottle
Get a Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut Express or another local Pizza takeaway
Have a kids party with pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and party bags
Have a poker night with everyone dressed in suits
Play the card game 21 as you are actully turning 21.
Play the pub crawl game 'pub golf'
Organise a special car (eg. Porsche) to take the birthday person to their meal or party
Have an Ann Summers Party
Hire a marquee to host your party
Have a pool party
Go on a zombie shooting experience with mates and for drinks afterwards. Book as a group if there are many of you.
Get a local takeway meal delivered
Hire a psychological magician/entertainer to wow the party guests
Go to The O2 with your closest friends to see your favourite band
Find a rave or weekender to go to
Hire a Party Bus
Enjoy looking at all the baby/child photos with friends and family
Get some masks of your face made up for everyone to wear
Play drinking games
Have a hot tub party
Crack open the champagne
Toast with a glass of personalised champagne and have a bowl of strawberries with cream for people to help themselves to.
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