21st Birthday experience days for girls

Experience days out are a great way of giving the gift of something extra special for someone turning that extra special age. But why then do most retailers target girls experience days as being only for those that want to shop or have spa treatments? Can it really be that all girls out there only want to get their nails done for their 21st birthday? Don’t any of them have bigger, more exciting things they want to experience?

Tomboys are a well-known staple of everyday life when you’re a child, growing up you probably knew at least one, and just because they’ve hit twenty-one doesn’t mean that suddenly that side of their personality disappears. And just because a girl likes to have nice nails and pretty shoes, doesn’t mean she can’t be a thrill seeker.

Retailers like to target demographics to make it easier to appeal to the masses, tradition dictates that girls like girly things so targeting massage treatments and makeovers at women has become the norm. Unfortunately this completely fails to inspire girls who like their experiences with a side of thrill.

It’s easy to forget that girls like to drive fast too. Or that doing the loop the loop in a plane can be just as exhilarating for females as it can for males. Pretending to be a spy or driving a tank doesn’t have to be restricted solely for the guys and a day spent fishing for trout whilst up to your armpits in cold water can also be fun for the fairer sex … well, perhaps not that last one.

When looking for an experience to buy for your soon-to-be twenty-one year old, don’t stick purely to the offers selected for her. Think about the personality of the birthday girl in question and don’t be afraid to search through the boys section for ideas. Retailers won’t turn you away if you’re booking for a woman, but be aware that height or weight restrictions may apply to some experiences that may preclude them from being eligible. Choose something for the person, not for their gender, and give them a 21st birthday they’ll never forget.