How to Avoid Having the 21st Birthday from Hell!

There are three places you don’t want to end up after celebrating your 21st birthday: jail, the coroner’s table, and an unknown place.  You probably have big plans for a big, drunken party, but it will only get you into trouble.  Once you turn 21, you will quickly realize that adults don’t party like they used to as teens.  First of all, you can get into a lot more trouble, and your decisions can affect the rest of your life.  Don’t be dumb when you turn 21.  You can have plenty of fun when you play it safe.  

Tips for a Safe 21st

Consider a few important tips when you plan your big night, or day, whatever your style is.

  1. Don’t pre-game

    Your body can’t handle the amount of alcohol you plan on stuffing into it throughout the day and into the night.  Instead of pre-gaming with alcohol, go out and grab a bite to eat with your friends, and definitely don’t pre-game out in the sun.  Overdoing it during the day has the potential to ruin your night.

  2. Don’t drive, don’t drive, don’t drive, don’t drive

    DO NOT GET BEHIND THE WHEEL; it can ruin your life.  If you don’t kill yourself or someone else, you will wind up in a jail cell, lose your license, and pay out thousands in fines and insurance hikes.  It is not worth it.  Get a ride, take the bus, or call a taxi.

  3. Water with food

    Alternate alcohol and water.  It is important to keep your body hydrated to ward off a hangover and allow your body a little more time to recover.  Also, make sure you are eating before you drink and while you are celebrating, especially fatty foods, to assist in the absorption of alcohol.

  4. Never take 21 shots

    No one can handle 21 shots.  If you don’t want to die, consider ringing in your 21 with a different tradition.

  5. Don’t accept drinks from strangers

    Never leave your drink alone or accept a drink from a stranger.  If you accidently leave your drink unattended, get a new one.  If someone wants to buy you a drink, have the bartender pour it.

  6. Don’t stray from the gang

    Never venture out alone.  Stay close to your friends and don’t leave with strangers.

  7. Keep it small

    Instead of going out and getting obliterated, host a small, private event with your family and friends.  Go out to dinner, have a small gathering at your home or attend a sporting event.

  8. Don’t do drugs when you drink

    Never mix alcohol and recreational drugs.

  9. Don’t try new drugs

    If someone offers you drugs when you are celebrating, don’t accept them.  Now is not the time to try something new, and it shouldn’t come from a stranger.  An “innocent” rip may be laced with more dangerous substances.

  10. Talk to your pharmacist

    If you are taking any medications or you have a medical condition, talk to your pharmacist about any potential reactions to alcohol.